We understand that we are made to be in relationship with people. God’s best picture for us is to connect, not isolate. A person’s first step away from God is often a step away from His church community. The church is only as strong as it’s members and their passion to pursue God’s ways. We challenge you to engage in small groups and open yourself to make new friendships on a weekly basis in and out of the church. Show me your friends and I will show you your future. We also believe Healthy Churches encourage and speak life into Healthy Churches.



We are saved by the redeeming power of Jesus. Then Jesus tells us he must go away so he can send the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit, and we will do greater things than even Jesus did. We believe the church is strongest when every follower of Jesus actively seeks a daily empowering of the Holy Spirit to walk out their faith and grow. We believe Holy Spirit continually has something new to teach. Holy Spirit also actively engages in our services in a healthy balanced edifying way in every gathering.



The church is important to Jesus. He established it. He loves it. He is coming back for it. You are that church. You were reached because of others stepping up in giving of time, talent and treasure. As a church we will relentless pursue those who are far from Jesus. God has a part for every believer to fulfill in the mission. We believe “Saved People Serve people and Found people Find People.”



A Biblical understanding of life is key to applying God’s will to our lives and demonstrating it to the world around us. We must have an intentional plan to hide God’s Word in our heart and align our actions to God’s ways. Daily Bible reading, Sunday School engagement and small group Bible studies all help individuals systematically grow in the timeless truths of God’s Word.